Ringrush's Baten Kaitos 100%

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ID Member Way
1 Quzman -
2 Taymiya -
3 Hawqal In Moonguile Forest, help the man to catch the Bluebirds of Happiness.
4 Surayj In Cebalrai, talk to the woman in the stable with the Pows.
5 Rushd In Pherkad, talk to the little girl sitting on the fence.
6 Sabin Once Rushd sign, talk to her father Sabin next to her.
7 Sallam After making Rushd and Sabin sign the Family Tree, talk to the running kid.
8 Maymun In Nashira, talk to the woman on the second floor of the warehouse.
9 Rustah In Lesser Celestial River, after the Thunderfish, save the drowning kid.
10 Hisham After saving Rustah, save his brother
11 Qutayba In Cloud Passage, talk to the father of the two drowning kids after saving them.
12 Tufayr After the Folon fight, go back in the Philosophy room.
13 Tulun In the School of Magic, first room of right section, after Tufayr signed, talk to her.
14 Qasim In Mintaka, near the first house across the port, talk to the man in black.
15 Usaybia Pherkad, examine the portrait of the dead ex-wife. Take a Bluebird and a Painting.
16 Nubata In Parnasse, give a Roasted Bird to the fat man a the entrance.
17 Misjah In Reverence, give a Terrible Painting to the old woman.
18 Yamin In Cursa, talk to the woman next to the shop and show her the Family Tree.
19 Yunus Go to the Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa and talk to the father looking for his daughter.
20 Gabirol After saving Yunus, go back to talk to him.
21 Battuta In the Labyrinth of Duhr, the man in a dead-end.
22 Wahshiyah In Gemma Village, talk to the old woman near the entrance.
23 Al-athir In the Lord Mansion in Pherkad, give her Pow Cheese to the girl in the kitchen.
24 Al-khatib In Celestial Alps, talk to the mother.
25 Al-rumi In Celestial Alps, talk to the daughter.
26 Tumart In the Illusory Fortress of the Book, in one of the rooms.
27 Zhur In Nihal Desert
28 Asakir Once Zhur signed, go back to Nunki Valley at the waterfall.
29 Maja After Asakir signed go back to Quzman and talk to Asakir.
30 Bajja After Yamin, Yunus and Gabirol, go back to Quzman and talk to Yamin.
31 Kemal After Tumart has signed, go to Quzman and talk to him.
32 Rabbih Zosma Tower, get a Delinquency Stone in the basement, then go to the fourth floor.